A little chocolate ball

Yesterday, I was doing one of my favorite activities throughout the last nine months: going by train. This will be a story about what happened during this ride and my reflection about it.

In order to make it to my two appointments in Berlin, I took the train around 8 am in the morning. I was still rather tired and equally packed. When the train arrived, and I headed to my seat, I could see that there was already a mother with her two daughters sitting in the same compartment. I opened the door to the compartment and the first thing one of the girls did was holding her hand out to me with a small chocolate ball. I was already quite moved by this small act of kindness and I couldn’t say no to that offer.

As it was a quiet compartment, the mother was a bit worried that they will be too loud. She also told me that they won’t feel offended, if I leave the compartment when they are too loud. But I didn’t mind. Quite the opposite. It was interesting to see them play together and invent their own games. I think that when children don’t want to play or lack energy, or are just still all the time, then something must be wrong. Even, if they are loud and strain your nerves, I think it is a small price to pay for having happy children who are empowered to be curious and playful. And, I also think the mother did a fantastic job so far in raising those girls.

As I was curious, if she wants something in return for the chocolate ball, I observed her a bit, but she more or less ignored me right after. I think kindness should be met with kindness and a bit before they had to get out of the train, I gave them some chocolate in return. They more or less inhaled the chocolate bar and even her mother got a piece from their daughters.

It is nice to see how a small gesture and an act of kindness can lift up the mood of someone else and bring people closer together. I will remember her example and use this method to make the day of other people a little bit better.


Have a wonderful day and take care =)


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