Taking a break

In two days, I will dive into my winter vacation. It also marks the end of my project work in Switzerland. This means that I will be able to take a break. A break that is needed, but also a break that I need to spend wisely.

Of course, I am looking forward to nice food and time spend relaxing. It would be a waste though, if that is everything I do. I need to address some issues. Without having done a proper recap of the whole year, I can already say that things need to change. It will be an interesting but also exhausting time taking this break. The timing is just right though. It is the end of the project and the end of the year. It gives me ample opportunities and time to reflect about the year and what has happened. What went well and what didn’t. I will also try to use these memories and emotions to give me a boost to figure out what comes next.

I cannot really tell what comes next. What I will do is to sit down and think about of what I want to have more in my life and then how I manage to shape my life that I have more of it. I know that this can change over time. I also think that, if I design my life in a way that makes me happy, I won’t live a life of regret. Even, if it means it will change again (and again). This is particularly interesting and difficult for me, because it includes dealing with uncertainty a lot. I am already curious where this will lead me. If you have ideas what to do or where to go let me know =)

I will also take the time to reflect about what I am grateful for. I was rather focused on myself during the last months and I want to acknowledge how lucky I am.

How will you spend the last couple of weeks of the year? Do you have vacation and if yes, how will you use it? Also, do you do an end-of-the-year-reflection? If yes, what do you do?

Have a wonderful day and take care =)


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