More than just a number

Working in a big company can feel cold sometimes. The question is why does it feel that way and what is the effect?

I acknowledge that running a large company is difficult. I can understand why there is so much red tape and why everything needs to be as efficient as possible. But I only understand this on an organizational level. Of course, if my laptop is not working or I need help with my expenditures, it is good to have a strict process. And I also know that the people involved in solving those issues will get a lot of questions for help.

But why is it that I also feel a disconnect at work in general? Does the system spread to its people and the need to be efficient is greater than creating a more human-centric work environment? The need to be chargeable (a term from consulting which basically means you are sold to another company to help them with their project) rules everything else. Managers on higher levels need to meet their targets. Every business update includes a large part of presenting numbers. Sometimes, I feel but a tool to achieve a goal that is detached from my own wishes. I mean I understand the need to be profitable. If we are not, I won’t have a job. But is it not possible to give others the feeling of meaning?

Of course, there is appreciation for work well done. I just feel at times that these are hollow phrases. Said, because they needed to be said. Don’t get me wrong. People need to be acknowledged when they do their work well. I further think that it should not stop there. If you try to “break out” of the system you might see how much acknowledgement you will get. No matter how good your work has been until then. I think that is why I feel the disconnect. People are more complex and change over time. I think that trying to press them into a predefined system works for a while, but it has the potential to decrease motivation over time, too. The most important thing is to get your job done. Creativity is often stifled. Human needs and wishes often neglected, because of a lack of time or other resources.

But how to change it? It is a question I ask myself all the time. I also don’t want to blame the people involved. Of course, there are those who are not interested in other people. But it is mainly the system that rewards and demands such an environment. I think it would already help to feel an interest in my person and not only in my skills. Of course, the company hired me mainly because of what I can do, but I am so much more. It would also help to have a bigger say in my own development, even when it is somewhat alien to what I am doing now. If I am motivated and I can demonstrate that I have the skills to do it, why not offering support? At worst, you only have a more motivated and engaged and happy employee. At best, you might open up a wide range of opportunities for your own company.

I think a vast untapped potential lies hidden in the workforce of companies. If you treat your employees like numbers, they will generate only numbers for you. If you start and treating them as complex human beings, you have the power to create so much more.

Did this entry make sense to you? Do you also feel a disconnect at times? Why and what do you think are the reasons? Let me know in the comments, or write me a mail.


Have a wonderful day and take care =)




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