Tea of the month – 12/2017

When I look outside of my room, I see the world painted in white. Winter has arrived and what is the beverage to drink when it is cold outside? Correct, tea =). This means it is time for the tea of the month again.

Since Friday evening, I feel sick. I have headache, I have trouble breathing, and I am either cold or hot. That is why it was time for one of my favorite remedies: Ginger-lime-honey-tea.

I don’t really have specific measurements how much of ginger, or lime juice, or honey I put into it. But I have some guidelines. For one liter of tea, I cut ginger in small slices. I take about 10 slices for one liter. I also prefer lime juice over lemon juice. I put approximately 3-4 centiliter of lime juice in the tea. If possible, I use bio lime juice or take the juice from limes themselves. Now, I pour boiled water over the mix and stir it. Then, I let the mix steep for at least half an hour. Sometimes even longer. Finally, I put a tablespoon of honey in the mix and stir it again until the honey is dissolved. Here another hint. I am lucky that we have a market nearby. There I can buy honey which was harvested in the area. This means I desensitize myself against the pollen from my area. This will help me to strengthen my immune system. By the way, I use the same ginger for two pots.

I can already feel the effects. I already feel better than yesterday. A couple of days more of that magic potion and I will be fully restored =)

What is your go to drink when you feel sick?


Have a wonderful day and take care =)


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