Who is in your offensive line?

The term offensive line comes from American Football. The players forming the offensive line have one job: protect the quarterback. In our lives, it is almost impossible to do and achieve everything on your own. We all need an offensive line.

They are those people we call when we need advice or when we are sad, and they can protect us and lift us up (not necessarily in the same way a member of an actual offensive line could; they are beasts =) ).

Who is in your offensive line can and will vary throughout your life and sometimes depend on the situation you face. Your job is to pick your offensive line. Think about what skills do they have to possess. Also, a variety of attributes is always good. For me it is important that the people I call and show vulnerability to have an open ear and try to understand me. Sometimes, this might be difficult, especially, if I don’t understand myself, but the will needs to be there. Moreover, sometimes it is good to have people tell you the hard and difficult truth. I also rely on people who I think are strong and balanced. If that is always the case I don’t know. I mean you can also be strong and at the same time have doubts and own problems. I think the people I call and talk to are definitely strong, and are able to emotionally balance themselves.

It is also important for me that they offer me different perspectives and points of view. Again, sometimes, during a talk, I am not open enough to let it sink in, but eventually it will. And although it might be obvious, but I rely on people who make me feel good. They are people who listen from the heart, give advice from the heart, and have the power that I feel loved. I am deeply thankful for them.

There is one thing I should never forget though. They need to be treated well. If I would take everything they do for me for granted, I probably lose them over time. They invest time and energy in supporting me. Those are two things we often have limited amounts of. Maybe at the moment I cannot show it as much as I want to, but they can be sure that they can always rely on me, too

The first time I read about the concept was in a book about positive psychology. I like the method, because it helps me to reflect what I need at the moment and what kind of people I need and want in my life. I am very fortunate having my family and my friends helping me.

Did you ever think about who is in your offensive line? What characteristics and skills do you need them to have? Let me know in the comments below.


Have a wonderful day and take care =)


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