What whispering can do for you

Our voice is a powerful tool. We can create all kind of emotions with it. We can spread energy, fear, hope and all kinds of other feelings just by using it in the desired way. A loud voice can be perceived as being strong and self-confident. Screaming can be seen as being angry or desperate. Furthermore, whispering can have its effects, too.

Sometimes, when giving a speech, speaking very silently can increase the audience’s attention. We have to focus very much when someone is talking silently. But, the benefit I want to highlight here today is that of calming other people. There is even a technique, desired to sooth others.

This method is called: ASMR

It stands for Autonomous – Sensory – Meridian – Response. Whispering is only one of several triggers to precipitate ASMR. ASMR is a tingling, pleasant feeling that you might experience when you listen to whispered voices. People describe it as tingly, shivery sensation that originates from your head and travels down your spine. Maybe you experienced it already when someone gave you a head massage. Many use it before going to bed, to be better able to fall asleep. If you suffer from stress, insomnia, and anxiety ASMR can help you to feel more relaxed.

It is important to know that not everyone experience ASMR. And it is also noteworthy that ASMR is a rather new field and not much studies have been conducted to research the phenomenon.

I am not sure, if I ever experienced it myself. I think I might have, though I need to try out a few approaches to create ASMR myself to know more. But even when I don’t experience ASMR by listening to a whispered voice, I find it very nice and relaxing. And I will definitely try it out to sooth others and to help them to relax.

Have you ever experienced ASMR? What triggers the sensation? Let me know in the comments below.

And thank you for taking the time to read this entry. Have a wonderful day =)

Take care, Stephan


PS: Here are two videos which explain a bit more about ASMR:


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