YouTube channel of the month (YCOTM) – Lemmino

I love to learn new things. Besides reading books, a second favorite way of acquiring knowledge is through YouTube channels. I have a long list and from this month onward, I will share one of my favorites once a month. Today, I will start with one of my absolute favorites: Lemmino

Lemmino is a shortened form of the phrase: Let me know. The videos are done by a 20-something Swedish guy. He publishes a video every month or every two months. He has almost 2.5 million followers.

But what makes it so special to me?

The first point might sound a bit unusual. I like his voice. His Swedish accent and his way of speaking make it very pleasant to listen to his videos. He could probably let everything sounds interesting. Moreover, I like the variety of his topics. He made a video about money, about death, about space, and about AI. And the list goes on and on.

The best thing however, is how he conducts his research. He seems to be very thorough and goes to great length to uncover the truth. A perfect example is his video about The Eight Spiders. There he investigates the myth that we are eating about eight spiders a year during our sleep. That level of depth and thoroughness are inspiring and should set the bar for how to do research. I like that he often is skeptical and approaches the topics with an open and curious mindset. Furthermore, he often brings in views from different angles, which also helps myself to form my own opinion.

The last point I want to address, is that his videos have a high quality. He uses the full range of possibilities, the medium provides. His use of music is subtle but somehow fits the content very well. He uses illustrations, videos or animated videos when it makes sense. And he often has a mix of styles in his videos, which I find refreshing.


What channels do you follow and what makes them great?

Have a wonderful day and take care =)



PS: one of my favorite videos:

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