Unanswered love

This will be a rather short entry and I actually want to ask you, dear reader, a question:

What do you do when your love is unanswered?

What did work for you in order to move on? As you might conclude from those questions, it is still difficult for me to move on. Especially, because I thought she loved me, too. She has a new boyfriend, and we don’t have contact, but I still try to figure out the best way or A way to move on and not to think about her so much.

There will be an entry, when I am capable of writing about what had happened and the whole backstory to it. But right now, I definitely want and need to find a way to deal with this unanswered love. And yes, I still love her. Maybe I shouldn’t say it. A good tip I got was to don’t give her so much attention. This means to speak less about her with friends and families. It helps a bit to get distance. However, it is still difficult for me when I have enough time to think. It might also be a problem that I do want to think about her.

What I also do is to do something with other people. As I am traveling a lot, this is limited however to my colleagues at work. I like them a lot and they help me, but even this is not a sustainable solution for me. Maybe, I am too impatient again.

So, yes. What are your ways to deal with such a situation? I am grateful for any advice, as this is an area where I still need to learn quite a lot =)


Thank you for reading this and I wish you a wonderful day!


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  1. J says:

    I found it very useful to write a handwritten letter where I told the person everything I wanted her to know. The process of writing the letter was not easy but it helped me enormously to put an end to this part of my life. Afterwards I felt way better and relieved.
    In retrospective it furthermore helped me to know that the last thing I did in the relationship was sth. peaceful and sincere.

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    1. Thank you a lot! I will give it a try.


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