Bad days matter more than good days

Bad days matter more than good days in the sense of how you show up and how you deal with that day.

Good days are easy. I am positive, I have a lot of energy, and everything seems to flow. Being productive and enjoying the day is therefore a simple task. Bad days however are a different story. During bad days, everything is difficult and the easiest thing to do is to do nothing. I have to invest extra energy to complete even the smallest of tasks, my mood is down, the world seems less colorful and I just want to be in bed reading or to be alone.

But those days are the most important ones. They show what kind of person I am. Do I succumb to hardship and lose hope leading to resignation? Or do I weather this heavy storm and continue working on my dreams?

Again, I want to stress that it is still important to be gentle with yourself. Especially during difficult periods. Maybe continue working on one goal/dream is enough.

The last couple of weeks are filled with bad days. And I negotiate a lot with myself, what I have to do and where I can be less determined at the moment. There are plenty of days, during which I ask myself for what I am doing all of this. As I am quite demanding towards myself, you can imagine that this makes it worse at times. However, I am glad the way I show up to life even during those difficult weeks. I go to work and do my job and always try to learn something new and to do my work in the best possible way. I try to spread happiness and laughter to create a nice atmosphere, even when deep down I would rather cry. I write my blog, now for 48 days in a row. I learn a new language, now for 73 days in a row.

Of course, there are things I should do which I don’t and there are things I shouldn’t do, and I do. But, overall, I am content with myself. By far, everything isn’t as I wish it to be. But I am proud that I go on. That I continue to grow, to learn more about myself, and to look for the silver lining in all of this. Sometimes, with more success, sometimes with less. But I know, bad days matter more than good days and they determine who I am and who I will be.

How do you show up during bad days? What or who helps you to endure a bad day?


Have a wonderful day and take care =)


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  1. Bad days show the kind of a person that I am.

    I like that part, I like how you write this post.

    It doesn’t matter what we do during our nice days, what really makes others victors lies on what they do when everything is not going as expected.

    Great post, well done

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much for your kind words! What are the things that keep you going during bad days?


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