Starting small

I guess we all have dreams about our lives and what would make it wonderful. If you are like me, you might have big dreams at times and a lot of things you want to do and/or achieve. This entry is about one way to reach your goals: By starting small.

This is by no means the only way, and some might argue you should go all-in, especially if you found something you are passionate about. Nevertheless, this approach has its advantages, too.

Let’s take the example of this blog. I once wrote a monthly mail to all the participants of a (self-)leadership conference. Although it took me always quite a while to write those mails, I liked doing it very much. I thought about writing a blog for a while now and I reached this point where I needed to do something new. However, writing a blog and attracting people to read it take a while. And although I don’t have a fixed goal in mind for the blog, I still want it to grow. Writing these entries and coming up with something to write about takes time. It is even more difficult doing it every day after work.

Although I’d like to spend more time on writing the posts, improving the content by doing research and conducting interviews, I’d still need to work five days a week. If I really need to work five days a week is a different question which I touched upon in the entry about What and how much do I really need. Nevertheless, I just started to write. I created a blog via WordPress (the free version) and asked a few friends, if they can have a look and, if they like it to share it with others.

After I got some positive feedback, I connected my blog with Facebook and a few days later also with LinkedIn. Slowly but surely, my audience grew, it is still modest, but I am very grateful for each person who takes the time to read it. A couple of days ago, my mother asked me why she suddenly can see commercials on the blog. As I don’t like this, I updated my account to a paid version, to get rid of the commercials. I don’t know why there were commercials, but I try to see it as something positive. That my blog generated “enough” traffic that it makes sense to publish commercials (If you have more information about how it works let me know =) ).

So, with every new follower, with every like and every new person who reads the blog, I come closer to the one specific goal I have for this blog: to reach a large audience from all over the world and help them to reflect and to understand. Maybe it will take years until I am “satisfied” with the reach I have. But every single day I do take one step in the right direction.

If you want to get in shape physically, start small and run for 5 minutes. You want to change your work? Reflect about all the things that you want to do and where you are good at and then write one application every week or every month, or enroll for a workshop to get the skills you need. Be patient and have confidence in yourself and trust that you will harvest the fruits of your determination. It is nice way if you are unsure or when you are afraid of your own potential. This might be truer for introverts than extroverts.

So far, it doesn’t bother me at all that the progress is slow. Quite the opposite. I am proud to do something every single day to come closer to one of my dreams. And, it is not so much about arriving at my destination than it is about enjoying the way =)


Have a wonderful day and take care =)


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