Can it be beneficial to be angry?

Is there an upside to being angry? And if yes, in which way?

First of all, it depends on the situation. I think we know about the downsides of anger, but when can anger be helpful?

Anger is a strong emotion and although it often shows its ugly side, it has some advantages. We only get angry if we care. So, it tells us something about ourselves and what is important to us. To give you an example. I recently listened to a very interesting talk about the future of work and how people should be treated in order to help them discover their full potential and perform at their best. Hearing that made me quite angry, because the gap between the presented vision and the reality is rather huge and it is difficult to tell when it will change. Afterwards, I reflected about the question, why it made me angry, and I realized that I deeply care about the happiness and well-being of people in an organization. Including my own. It showed me one area where I want to contribute to create change.

It is actually also a good sign in a business context. If you experience heated discussions, of course it can make people uncomfortable. But on the other hand, it shows that people care about the outcome and if you manage to channel all those emotions in a right way, you can come up with a very good solution. And it is way better than employees who don’t say a word. That is actually rather dangerous.

Another benefit of being angry is part of the grieving process. In order to process a loss or a very negative experience we follow several stages until we processed it. One of the stages is anger. Therefore, anger can help to go through a different phase and to get back to a baseline happiness level, which we all have. It is not about being angry forever and most of us know that we think differently after a while, but it helps to deal with the situation. Just know that it is a part of it and be kind to yourself.


Have a wonderful day and take care =)




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