Tea of the month – 11/2017

My tea of the month of November 2017 is a fruit tea called: Birnengarten Kaktusfeige (loosely translated: pear garden prickly pear).

I discovered this tea two years ago when I was spending time with my family in the Hartz mountains. As I cannot pass a tea shop, I was finding myself smelling different teas and this one immediately got my intention. The smell is very nice and as I was looking for a mild fruit tea anyway, it was an easy buy. The first cup of a new tea is always something special to me. Already after the first sip, I knew this will become one of my favorites.

What I like most about the tea, besides its taste, is, that it is a very mild fruit tea. Even, when I have problems with my stomach, I can drink it without any problems. And although it is a mild tea, it still tastes refreshing. This makes the tea an optimal choice for an ice tea, as well.

Especially in the upcoming cold months (at least in Europe), I like to brew myself a cup of this tea and sit down with a blanket and a good book and I automatically feel warm and good. It is also an experience to focus on all its flavors and the whole taste and how it changes from the first sip until you drink it.

This is how you prepare a cup of tea (0.3 liters):

  • boil the water up to 100 °C
  • put about 2-3 teaspoons of tea into a filter (you need to try out which amounts is right for you)
  • and then you let it steep for about 5-8 minutes


If you want to try it yourself and you cannot find or get it, write me a mail and we can, if I might be able to send it to you.

Enjoy the tea and let me know what you think about it.


Have a wonderful day and take care =)

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