A look from the outside

I mainly live inside my head and sometimes inside my whole body. This means I am always pretty close to everything I am doing. However, sometimes it makes sense to get an outside perspective. Of course, I can and do ask for feedback, but there is also something I can do on my own: Trying to observe myself through the eyes of someone/something else.

I got this exercise tip a few years back from a dear friend. She told me to use a toy (preferably something with eyes =) ) that is small enough to carry with me all the time. And yet, still be big enough to be visible. The task is to try to observe yourself through the eyes of the toy. You can do it several times throughout the day or after certain events. Maybe there is a meeting that you want to recapitulate or different event that triggered a specific reaction in you.

The goal is to get an “objective” perspective on your own behavior. It is not about judging or reacting to your behavior or thoughts. The benefit is, that I can better distance myself from my own behavior and what has happened. As I said in the beginning, sometimes I am too close to myself to see or understand what happened. Being able to analyze the situation afterwards and use this outside perspective helps me to get an idea of why it happened the way it did. Furthermore, I can observe my own body language and how this might have affected the situation.

Maybe you can try it out yourself. But be gentle with yourself. It is not about right or wrong (no judging) but rather about getting an understanding of yourself and how you react in certain situations and what it does to yourself and others. It helps me to get some distance to my own thoughts from time to time =)

Take care =)


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