An unplanned trip to Dublin

As the break up came unexpected, I was faced with the difficult question of how to spend my vacation. At that time, I was confused and didn’t know what happened and why it happened. I just knew I need to start processing it. I visited my parents with my suitcase packed to fly somewhere. When I was going to visit them, I didn’t know that I would end up in Dublin.

My first idea was to go to Dubai. However, I got an interesting advice. I was told that, in order to be able to process and think, it is best for me to be in a somewhat colder environment. This made my initial plan of going to Dubai and its 40 degrees Celsius obsolete. Since I was young, I have a fascination for Ireland and its culture. So, it didn’t take me long to rethink and three days later, I was sitting on a plane to Dublin.

Because I don’t know anyone in Dublin at that time, I looked for a nice accommodation on Airbnb and found a nice room 15 minutes by train from the city center. It was a strange feeling. I never really travelled on my own before and especially didn’t fly somewhere completely alone without a plan. But that was actually a part of the task I gave myself.

After the break up, I had to realize, that I lost myself a bit. Being on my own, not knowing what to do can sound wonderful for people. For me this was quite scary. When I was in the relationship, I was just enjoying time with my girlfriend and I didn’t really care what we were doing as long as if we did it together. Now, I had to answer the question, what am I going to do, when I am alone somewhere, and I don’t know anyone. What do I like doing? What can bring me joy and energy?

When I arrived at Dublin airport, it was love at first feel and at second sight. After leaving the plane, I was consciously walking very slowly. And it somehow just felt right. I cannot explain it, but I felt as this was the right thing to do, going to Dublin. I had high expectations and high hopes, normally a recipe for disappointment. However, it was as I imagined it to be. Walking to the exit of the airport, I was looking at all the wonderful pictures of Ireland’s landscape.

Dublin is not known for its fantastic weather, though, when I left the airport it was sunny and warm, and this shouldn’t change for the whole five days I have been there. Even my host told me, that they hadn’t such a nice weather over such a long time for years. And yes, I even managed to get a sunburn in Dublin =)

Speaking of my host, I couldn’t have been luckier. She was an elderly lady, living in a wonderful house with a nice garden. It was a very old house and was conveying a specific energy and charm. The room was big, and it had a lovely four-poster bed in which I slept like a baby. The garden was surrounded by a stone wall and therefore felt secluded and peaceful. We had interesting talks about life and art and the history of Ireland, and she introduced me to a delicious tea, which I will definitely speak more about in a ‘tea of the month’ entry. She gave me good tips where to go and what I could do, and I am very grateful to have met her.

In the end, I didn’t spend my days to reflect a lot about what was happening. Instead, I was absorbing everything around me. I visited the newly opened National Gallery and the Historic Museum which where both for free and definitely worth a visit. I walked without having a plan. Discovering the city, I ended up at Trinity College (my host’s Alma mater) and spent a lot of time sitting in one of its green areas, reading, observing people and enjoying the sun. Every day I went into a different restaurant or bar and everything I ate was delicious. And, of course, the daily Guinness could not be missing =)

I like the architecture of Dublin and I like that it is a big city, but not as big and crowded and hectic as London. And I love that everything is so green. For me, having a park around or access to a see or lake is important. I like to reconnect with nature at times and provides me with internal peace. That is why, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to visit Glendalough. I took the image of this post, while walking on one of Glendalough’s tracks. It was a wonderful trip. An hour ride by coach from Dublin, Glendalough offers several hiking tracks for experienced hikers and for those who just want to enjoy its nature. It was a very hot day and there was almost no cloud in the sky. I chose one of the tracks that went along one of the lakes in the area. Although the day was perfect, and Glendalough is a popular destination for families, I rarely saw other hikers.

And I did, what I wouldn’t have done normally. I decided to go swimming in that lake. I didn’t have anything with me for swimming, but I decided that the weather and the environment are too nice to let go of that opportunity. I climbed down to the lake and found a very nice and flat stone, heated by the sun. I undressed completely and went swimming. The water was very very cold but the heat from above made it bearable. And then…. just peace. Sometimes, when I close my eyes, I am still sitting in that lake. Feeling the coldness of the water mixed with the heat of the sun. I see the blue sky. I see the surrounding mountains and everywhere I look, everything is green. I can hear the wind blowing. I can hear the birds singing. And I feel calm and peaceful.

After enjoying this state for a while, I continued my trip and the view is amazing. Whenever you have the chance, visit Glendalough. Oh, and on my way backwards, I jumped into that lake again =)

Writing those lines, I sit on my bed and I smile. Ireland has been exactly what I needed during those days. I found something out about myself. I met interesting people. I could reconnect with nature and I fell in love with the country again. Not in a dreamy type of way, as I had before. But in a way that I can now say, I’d like to live here at least once during my life. I cannot wait to return, and I am grateful, that I was able to afford this trip. It helped me to realize that although I am going through a difficult period, I am still lucky.

Thank you Ireland, and see you soon!


Take care =)


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  1. Vanessa says:

    I’m glad I deviated from my original reading plan and ended up reading about Ireland, Guinness, Hikes, and wild experiences in a lake 😄 I love Irish culture and it’s a shame how I haven’t done (Y-E-T) the same you did. The way you described it makes us feel we were there too 🙌

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