Holding on to my own opinion

I think it is good to have an opinion. It means that you, at least, thought about the issue. Of course, you can have a wrong or better misinformed opinion. This entry will be about what it can mean to hold on to an opinion and why we sometimes do the wrong thing.

As I said, it is good to have an opinion and you shouldn’t easily let it go. What I propose is to reflect on what you have heard, especially new information and then decide, if it makes sense to deviate from your initial opinion. What I often experience with peers, in a relationship or in a working context, or in short: everywhere, is that people can be very stubborn, when it comes to their own opinion and accepting other views.

What I don’t like about it is, that I feel I become a hostage of my own opinion. Especially, when I realize that I am wrong, I have this voice in my head telling me that the other person is wrong although a different part tells me to rethink my opinion. I always try to listen to the second voice. It helps me to regard my opinion as an open relationship. I like you but I also like other ideas and I am not bound to you in any way. It is totally okay, if I change my opinion from one moment to the next, if I feel or realize that I might have been wrong. This is rather liberating.

In contrast, sticking to my opinion, even when I know I am wrong, leads to all kinds of problems. Moreover, arguments are often intensified and can get out of hand. Maybe I do or have the urge to do it because I want to appear strong and capable. But owning our mistakes helps other people to relate to us. We demonstrate that we are humans and are not some perfect godlike creature.

Furthermore, when I am not bound to my own opinions, it helps me to take in other peoples’ ideas and points of view. In turn, I am better able to draw better conclusions.

However, I don’t say you have to say yes to and agree with everything you hear. If you reflect about it and you still stick to your opinion, then stick with it. I just ask you to be open for the possibility to be wrong.  And even if you know you are right, think about, if sticking to your opinion really helps the situation. Sometimes, letting things go means to take the high road and both will feel better =).


Take care =)

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