How to become more optimistic

I am very interested in psychology and its sub-area positive psychology. Tending to overthink things, led me to ruminate about my thoughts, often with a negative outcome. Years back, I stumbled upon books about positive psychology. Its approach to help people live a happier life resonated with me. Especially the hands-on approach with a lot of practical methods. One of those helped me a lot to become more optimistic.

It is quite easy to do and can become a treasure trove in your future. You simply write down your top three things that have been good each day. I always do it in the evening for that day, but you can also do it in the morning the day after. Why does it help?

As you scan your day for the top three moments, you will remember more than those three. To compare them, you will have to think about what made them so good and why is one better than another. In essence, you go through a lot of situations and think about the positive in it.

After a while, you might experience a shift in your thoughts. Now, when something negative happens, your brain will try to tell you the positive in it. For me this effect became visible after about 2 months. At the beginning, I did it for more than a year, each day. Now, I write it down more often again, when I realize, that my initial thoughts to a situation tend to be negative.

Therefore, I want to start again and share my first entry with you:

  1. it was a very warm day in Bern and I enjoyed having dinner outside in the sun
  2. I had two very inspiring conversations with two colleagues, which gave me food for thought but also energy
  3. A very good friend reached out and asked me how I am


You see, it is very easy. Why not give it a try and let me know, if something in your way of thinking changed.

Take care =)


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