Be aware of your posture

Why should I be aware of my posture?

As you might have heard, we communicate to a huge extent not through words, but through the use of our body, including mimic and gestures. How we carry ourselves has therefore a big impact, how we communicate and how people interpret our messages.

I find it interesting how my mood can influence my posture and vice versa. Momentarily, when I manage to take the role of an outside observer, I realize, that I make myself smaller, than I actually am. I don’t walk straight, my head is slightly bowed, looking more to the ground than up. However, whenever I realize that my posture is off, I try to immediately counter it and to improve my posture. Straight back, looking up or straight ahead, shoulders back. I say try, because, sometimes, I feel as if I fight against my own mood. It can be a struggle, but it is worth it. I feel and are perceived as more confident, my mood lightens up and my physical balance increases, too.

So, whenever you feel down, try to observe your posture. Remember, that your body is a powerful tool to impact your mood and thoughts. Even if it is difficult in the beginning, you will feel better and regain some strengths. Be aware of your posture:

Straight back – head up – shoulders back and then smile =)

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