Do you want to live forever?

No, my blog entries don’t get a dark turn =)

But after watching two videos today, I couldn’t help to think about this question.

Nowadays, progress in science make it more and more interesting and realistic to reflect and discuss the question: Do we want to live forever?

Both videos give an interesting point of view, though I don’t want to spoil its contents. That is why, I want to speak about my thoughts and what might not have been mentioned in those videos.

As we are ego-driven creatures, my first thought was: Do I want to live forever and what would be the implications? Right now, the thought of living forever is actually quite comforting. And it’s not only because of feeling uncertain what will come after death. I still want to achieve a few things in my life and the older I get, the louder the clock continues ticking. Although, maybe it is a good thing. It might help to keep me motivated, but I will come back to that point in a bit. So, the thought of having more time is relieving.

However, this is my opinion today. I am not bound on sticking to this opinion forever. I can also understand, that for some, the thought of living forever can be rather anxiety inducing. Maybe life will bore me, when I lived long enough and my curiosity about what comes next is bigger than my fear of the unknown.

Coming back to motivation. Yes, death can be a driving force in our lives. In the past, people put a skull in their living room to be reminded on their limited amount of time on this earth. But would this motivation disappear or grow weaker given the ability to live as long, as we want? I don’t know. I believe in our innate curiosity. Not being “forced” to choose what live we want to live we could relax, knowing that we can become and probably experience everything we dream of.

And what about the implications on a larger scale? What would society look like? Would we become more selfish and superficial? Would we become numb to life itself? Or would we be able to grow closer together, realizing that we don’t have to be jealous of others, because we can achieve everything, too? Maybe I am too optimistic, but I believe in the innate goodness of every person. And again, I am quite curious =)

What I found interesting is the statement, that we might be stuck in our belief that death is just a normal part of life itself. But what if we are wrong? Just because it has always been like that doesn’t mean it cannot change. Maybe we do need to change our perspective on death and its impact on our lives.

If or better when that time arrives, it is important that I can freely choose how long I want to live and that I can also choose when I want to die.

What are your thoughts on the topic?

Enjoy the videos =)

Kurzgesagt – in a nutshell: Why Age? Should We End Aging Forever?

CGP Grey: Why Die?

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  1. barryh says:

    Surely there is no case in nature of beings that are immortal, it just doesn’t make sense…


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