Stop waiting

Today, I read an article in the Happinez magazine.

The article was by Eckhart Tolle and he spoke about the importance of living in the present and not to wait for the future to happen.

I guess most of us know this, we dream about a future and we say, if only this future was already now. At least, I catch myself doing exactly that on a regular basis. However, Mr. Tolle has a point. This does not only block energy reserve I could use now but it also prevents me from focusing on the here and now. It is a passive state of mind and does me no good. However, if you also tend to overthink, then it is difficult to break out of this vicious circle.

What I do to counter this state is being mindful. There are numerous ways of being mindful besides sitting down to meditate. I will write more about mindfulness in a different entry =)

Eckhart Tolle also writes that envisioning and waiting for a certain future to happen is an indicator, that we are not content with our situation. From my experience, I can tell that it is true for me. Life is a constant up and down and as I recently go through a valley of my own, I realize that I think more about the future than I am here in the present.

It is kind of a task I have to fulfill. The questions are:

Why can I not be happy right now?

and as a follow up:

What can I do to be happy right now?

Life is too beautiful to waste it by constantly dreaming of the future, waiting for something to happen. I say no and step by step I will climb out of this valley by taking action and remind myself to live in the present moment.


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