Overcoming fear with love and determination

I am always impressed by people, who start their own business. Maybe because, I want to start my own business one day myself, or maybe because I admire their bravery to step into the unknown and facing their fears.

This story is about Phu.

Phu, together with a friend, opened his own barbershop in Berlin last year. Today we spoke a bit about his step into uncertainty and about his approach to deal with it.

Phu and his parents moved to Germany from Vietnam, when he was younger. And maybe, we can find a first explanation, why he was able to cope with the situation better than others. For me, it is brave to take your family and leave your home country to start living in a country whose language is unfamiliar and the whole culture is different. Maybe his parents were a role model how to deal with fears. We spoke about it and he couldn’t tell exactly. However, he said, that his parents encouraged him to open his own shop.

We also spoke about his motivation, and one of the reasons he gave me where interesting, because it was like a common theme in many of his answers. He said that he wanted to take good care of his family. The way he said it, made it clear, that family and love are pretty important to him. And here we have the main theme: love.

Speaking about what advice he would give other people to overcome fear and who want to start their own business is do it with love. And for Phu, this is not just a sentence that sounds good. Last year, when I visited him in his shop there was a mother and her daughter, having an appointment. The kind and loving way how he treated the daughter showed me, that he is not only passionate about his job, but also about his clients.

I can also tell from first-hand experience, that he treats you, as if you are the most important customer. He is very professional and tries to take good care of you, that you will leave his shop happy.

Moreover, he has a strong can do and will do attitude. He said, that, in comparison with others, he might think a bit less and just does. He knows exactly what he wants and he is determined to reach his goals. Maybe, thinking less really is a good approach/skill to have in those situations. Phu said, that if he fails, he will stand up again. However, he is not afraid of failing, because he is determined and he does his job with love.

We often ask others to find something they are passionate about and follow their dreams. Maybe we should also think about how we can infuse our passion with love, so that others can benefit, too.

Thank you Phu for showing me your love and determination.


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