The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson

The Final Empire – Brandon Sanderson

I am a librophile. I always read several books at once. It doesn’t matter if it is a fictional or non-fiction book. The following book is a fatasy novel and the first part of the series.

What I like about the book and the author is that he tries to include topics that encourage me to refelct upon matters such as class, politics, leadership or society in general.

I find it interesting how he presents his characters. Seldomly, you will find a solely good or bad character in his novels. There are always different aspects and points of view to a situation. This helps me to reflect on my own views and how I behaved or would behave in a similar position.

This  book for example, raises the question of how much evil is justified to do good and what does good actually mean. What kind of sacrifices are we willing to make and what can still be considered justifiable?

Nothing is either black or white. Everything comes in a different shade. I think it is our task to understand the reasons behind behaviours and actions and reflect upon them, to see if it is possible to achieve a similar outcome with different means.


I would give this book the color orange =)

(from time to time I will give my entries a color, feel free to ask me why I chose the color)

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