Stories of a colorful life

Why did I choose this particular name for my blog?

For me, life consists of ups and downs, of light and darkness. In summary of all colors and their different shades. I think it is important that we acknowledge all aspects of life. Not only the good or the bad ones. This is why this blog tries to give an insight of life’s different facets.

I will write about ideas that fascinate me, stories from my own life and the lives of others, about my hobbies and passions such as tea and other things, which I probably didn’t think about yet.

This is completely new to me and I ask you to remain patient with me.

Everything I write is my own opinion and I ask you to not take everything for granted. I think it is important to read those entries with a healthy portion of skepticism.

I am looking forward to your comments and I wish you a wondeful – colorful life.


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